Dast Chain - EDST bringing the tools needed for crypto mass adoption

DAST CHAIN is an improved infinitely scalable blockchain network adding real world utility and crypto usage for mass adoption, fueled by eDST.
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Dast Chain - EDSTDast Chain - EDSTDast Chain - EDSTDast Chain - EDST


A decentralized platform

enables real world utility for the masses

We are taking a swing at traditional finance, breaking all the barriers that could not be passed so far.

NFC payments enabling easy payments using our mobile app and your cryptocurrency at any POS around the world, without the hassle of exchanging or selling.
Advanced payment processing technologies, fine-tuned after more than 4 years of development.
Blazing fast smart contract based transactions to enable usage in any industry branch.
VISA level number of transactions per second supported
Almost instant transfers
Micropayments one by one or bulk, fast and cheap

data render across systems

DAST Chain

native interoperability

Even if DAST is an ecosystem on it's own, the digital ecosystem is much bigger and with multiple blockchain ecosystems publicly available. To make sure the users have a decent experience in adopting and using cryptocurrency, we designed DAST Chain with interoperability in mind

Seamless connection to all major blockchains
Native operation between chains
Smart contract interpretation and portability between chains


Digital rights and file integrity

secured and enforced

We can enforce all file permissions set by owners when selling or renting a file..

File integrity validation before serving to browser/client
File/service ownership validation
Smart contract based permissions on digital content
Right to view/edit/share/print/sell validation
Unique digital content ownership history and validation

process validation

Affiliate marketing


At first DAST stood for Digital Advertising and Services Token. After we started developing the DAST Chain, due to the fact that none of the existing blockchains could support the speed and amount of transactions needed for advertising, we expanded the chain's capabilities but kept our focus on affiliate marketing.

Blockchain tracking and validation for traffic and leads
Smart contract based advertiser/affiliate agreements for tracking, validation and payments
Self learning algorithm for lead validation and fraud detection
Decentralised advertising/affiliate marketplace


Dast Chain Ecosystem


Truss is our digital wallet and global payments app. It allows you to hold all your crypto and buy/ sell/ exchange/ send/ receive crypto and fiat. You can also use the app to pay with your phone NFC at any POS around the world and it will be used as authenticator app for SSO with 2FA on all our platforms.


Dast.dev is our development platform, the interface between us and anyone who wishes to develop apps on Dast chain. It can be used by senior developers and non-developers as well. It features a development environment, sdks, hooks, testing environment, debuggers for any development needs and also a easy-to-use drag and drop interface for smart contracts and most hooks.


Secure your data by hosting it in Dast chain. This way you can guarantee your file integrity and ownership and make sure it is always available. You can also be certain that your data is safe and no one can censor it or take it down. Hosting includes custom file headers that register file permissions and availability, including view/print/play/edit/share.


Ads from A to Z and all related services is the purpose of adaz.cloud. It will serve as a direct connection between publishers and advertisers. All connections are based on a smart contract and includes dast chain's tracking, fraud scrubbing, validation and payments. Any advertiser can use preset rules or create their own. Smart contracts are created drag and drop on a intuitive interface, using predefined or custom terms.


Dast systems is hosting hybrid chains (private public) custom built for big companies and corporations. Services provided are dast chain SaaS bundled with apps to fit their needs (identification, tasks, chat, crm, erp, logistics, sensitive data...).

Global digital marketplace

Dast chain's global digital marketplace will allow anyone to sell any digital product or service and will allow anyone to buy using eDST or any other token that dastchain is connected to. Transactions are almost instant (if eDST is used) and without middlemen. There will be a digital concierge service (Watson) that will buy any digital service or product for you even if they are not available on the marketplace.


Dast online provides blockchain web hosting and blockchain database hosting and works seamless with dast.host. You will have a 100% SLA, script integrity validation, database integrity validation, no edits except from allowed addresses and much more. You have your site and data safe and secured.


Dast chain's dast.digital is built to protect innovators and innovation while incentivizing it. It provides proof of existence by recording the hash in the blockchain, keeping the details private, as the document can not be regenerated from the hash.


Let's see some numbers


5,914 TPS

Transaction time


Transaction cost



Dast Chain Road Map

June 2017
The DAST ideea is born. At that time DAST stood for Digital Advertising and Services Token.
September 2017
After extensive research we concluded that there are no blockchain networks that can handle the number of transactions and transaction speed required by advertising so we started development of DAST CHAIN
December 2018
First set of real tests are executed. The results are not satisfactory so there are major changes done in development and also utility. Development methodology changed from Waterfall to Agile.
November 2019
Alpha release with successful testing done. Starting utility sketch and minimum infrastructure requirements estimation, aquisition and implementation.
December 2020
Alpha 2 modular release on new infrastructure and scalability testing.
May 2021
Performed Closed Beta testing and launched a private sale campaign.
December 2021
- Public website launch and presale campaign.
S1 2022
Lauch dast.finance
Beta testing dast.exchange
S2 2022
TRUSS Utility App launch
Exchange listing
DAST CHAIN source code on Github
Open beta testing
DAST CHAIN Hackathon
S1 2023
adaz.cloud launch
TRUSS NFC capability
Dast.dev launch
MAIN NET final
Dast.exchange DEx final
S2 2023
Dast.host launch
Dast.online launch
S1 2024
Dast.systems launch
Dast.digital launch
S2 2024
Global Digital Marketplace
Concierge service for GDM
S1 2025
SDKs available on dast.dev for every use case presented.

TRUSS Wallet and Utility App

Truss Wallet and Utility App will be available in S2 2022 on iOS App Store and Google Play.


Dast chain validation

How it Works



Any action on DAST Chain is a transaction. It is initialized by an address or a delegated address (smart contract).



Transaction origin is identified by neighbours (just like IPv6) and stakers are announced.



DTZ Nodes and S Nodes validate the transaction



Lead DTZ Node builds the transaction block and appends it to the chain.


Coin Distribution

  • Name:DAST Chain eDST
  • Purchase methods accepted:BTC, ETH, USDT, FIAT
Hard cap15.000 ETH
Soft cap5.000 ETH
Cost of 1 eDST Coin0.20 USD
  • New Token emissions:No
  • Bonus system:Yes
  • Presale of Private Sale:Yes
  • Know Your Customer (KYC):Yes
  • Min/Max Personal Cap:0.23 ETH / 230 ETH
  • Whitelist:No
  • 45% Reserve funding
  • 15% Ecosystem development
  • 25% Sales (Backers and Community)
  • 15% Development Team, Founders & Advisors


Frequency Asked Questions

DAST Chain is a better 3rd generation blockchain. Why better? Better because it is much faster. Better because it uses techniques that prevent collisions and errors. Better because, through the apps already developed by us using it, brings real world utility. Better because it will allow spending your coins in real life, not only holding a portfolio and selling when you see fit.

At first DAST was supposed to be a token built on ERC20 standard. The acronym stood for Digital Advertising and Services Token. It was supposed to allow programmatic Smart Contracts to manage advertising PPC/PPD/PPI/PPL transaction validation and monitoring, including fraud detection and invalidation. The only problem was that ERC20 is way too slow and way too expensive to use as such, because each click/download/install/lead would be a transaction that had to be validated by the network and counted on the smart contract.
That is the reason why, starting september 2017 we started developing this new blockchain, that can support this amount of transactions and also be very cheap to use so it would be profitable and useful for advertisers.

Dast Chain was created by Liviu Epure. What started as an idea of a Digital Advertising and Services Token, backed by Liviu’s knowledge of the advertising and affiliate marketing industry and also his infrastructure and software development experience, turned to be today’s Decentralized Advanced Scaling Throughput Chain (DAST Chain), implementing the latest technologies and concepts to fit today’s needs.

Dast Chain is managed and maintained by the DOV Foundation and DAST Management Inc. Opensource licences are handled by the foundation and all commercial licences are registered by DAST MANAGEMENT Inc.


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